Implement versioning of Python projects according to PEP 440

X.Y.ZaN   # Alpha release
X.Y.ZbN # Beta release
X.Y.ZrcN # Release Candidate
X.Y.Z # Final release
bumpversion patch # 3.0.0.a0 → 3.0.1.a0
bumpversion n # 3.0.1.a0 → 3.0.1.a1
bumpversion release # 3.0.1.a1 → 3.0.1.b0
bumpversion release # 3.0.1.b0 → 3.0.1.rc0
bumpversion release # 3.0.1.rc0 → 3.0.1
bumpversion minor # 3.0.1 → 3.1.0.a0
bumpversion major # 3.1.0.a0 → 4.0.0.a0
bumpversion n # 4.0.0.a0 → 4.0.0.a1
bumpversion release --tag # 4.0.0.a1 → 4.0.0.b0

Software Engineer, LL.B., MSc in CS

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Vladyslav Krylasov

Vladyslav Krylasov

Software Engineer, LL.B., MSc in CS

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