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It relatively simple but you have several options at your disposal to do so:

2. Install it by an automated script (installs the latest version). Just head to a terminal on your machine and paste this:

$ cd
$ curl -O && chmod +x && bash

This might be used for Postman updates too.

That’s all folks.

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Using of Python mock.patch makes you feel uncomfortable and a bit nervous? Afraid no more. I will describe in this article simple ways of doing so by asking yourself questions. See this repo to understand better what happens:

Q: I want to mock a method of an instance. How can…

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Hello everyone. In this article, I will explain how to set up your private, personal VPN and DNS server in several clicks with Ubuntu 18.04 on DigitalOcean. This tutorial is a beginner-friendly. I will describe each step in details.

Things to be used:
- OpenVPN;
- PiHole + Unbound + Stubby;
- Ubuntu…

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Привіт усім. Сьогодні я розповім нашу історію переїзду по Tier 2 візі в Лондон.

Disclaimer: перш аніж продовжувати прочитання цієї статі, я хочу сказати, що компанія знайшла мене на Linkedin і те, що я вже по факту мав Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) на руках, тобто, я не буду описувати процес…

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Hello everyone. I’ve discovered for myself lately a need to run at the same time doctests alongside with pytest unit tests.

Let’s assume one’s have such structure of a project:

A structure of a project.

That person needs to cover by unit tests app package and at the same time…

Hello dear reader, there is a cool PEP 440 and today I’ll try to explain how to implement such versioning for your project according to this one.

Actually, it’s very simple process. You just need to install a single Python package.

pip install --user bumpversion

After that, you need to…

Hello there fellow, if you’re reading now this article, then you probably ran into some problems related to debugging inside a docker container by means of pdb.

There are several nuances that uncovered on the internet, so I’d like to share with others my personal experience with those. …

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Software Engineer, LL.B., MSc in CS

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